ITEC Sports and Injuries 3 and 4

ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy Course

Learn field event massage and specialised sports massage techniques along with postural analysis, injury assessment and treatment - the whole package! You will also be able to offer massage, deep tissue massage and remedial massage. NOTE:  This course INCLUDES Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy as one goes with the other to make one fantastic course

Course Snapshot

This course will give you a thorough understanding of:

  • Corrective massage techniques and skills which enables you to work safely and effectively with people from all walks of life, in a wide range of situations
  • Corrective exercise in relation to training, injury prevention
  • Posture is also a key feature


  • You will be taught to treat your client for a specific need with the aim to prepare for an event – there is no such thing as a full body sports massage routine as every person you treat will have different requirements.

  • As well as the general therapeutic value of massage, you can also safely and effectively deal with many strains and sprains (known professionally as soft tissue inflammation) which are by far the most common and often cause considerable pain in the short term, sometimes leading to serious long-term problems.

    Most injuries in sport are through overuse and the cause needs to be identified and remedied, otherwise the injury is likely to recur – non-sports people often have the same problems!

  • Practical: Practical exam with ITEC examiner assessing the whole class together
  • Anatomy and Physiologyis included and is part of the course and has a half  hour paper that you do in class. Plenty of classroom input for this important subject. 
  • Free video so that you can practice with confidence in between classes! 

  • You will find application, dates, fees and entry requirements etc at the bottom of this page

  • The ITEC Anatomy & Physiology home study course is sent to you as soon as we receive your deposit.  Make a start today!

Your tutors, Lorraine Kirk & Peter Cummings are successful sports massage therapistswho also specialise in courses for men and women wanting to change their career. We have taught 100’s of students since 2005 who have done this life changing course and have gone to work in sports clubs, their own clinic, with professional atheltes etc...a growing industry