ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy Course

Learn field event massage and specialised sports massage techniques along with postural analysis, injury assessment and treatment - the whole package! You will also be able to offer massage, deep tissue massage and remedial massage. NOTE:  This course INCLUDES Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy as one goes with the other to make one fantastic course

Course Snapshot

This course will give you a thorough understanding of:

  • Corrective massage techniques and skills which enables you to work safely and effectively with people from all walks of life, in a wide range of situations
  • Corrective exercise in relation to training, injury prevention
  • Posture is also a key feature


  • You will be taught to treat your client for a specific need with the aim to prepare for an event – there is no such thing as a full body sports massage routine as every person you treat will have different requirements.

  • As well as the general therapeutic value of massage, you can also safely and effectively deal with many strains and sprains (known professionally as soft tissue inflammation) which are by far the most common and often cause considerable pain in the short term, sometimes leading to serious long-term problems.

    Most injuries in sport are through overuse and the cause needs to be identified and remedied, otherwise the injury is likely to recur – non-sports people often have the same problems!

  • Practical: Practical exam with ITEC examiner assessing the whole class together
  • Anatomy and Physiology is included and is part of the course and has a half  hour paper that you do in class. Plenty of classroom input for this important subject. 
  • Free video so that you can practice with confidence in between classes! 

  • You will find application, dates, fees and entry requirements etc at the bottom of this page

  • The ITEC Anatomy & Physiology home study course is sent to you as soon as we receive your deposit.  Make a start today!

Your tutors, Lorraine Kirk & Peter Cummings are successful sports massage therapists who also specialise in courses for men and women wanting to change their career. We have taught 100’s of students since 2005 who have done this life changing course and have gone to work in sports clubs, their own clinic, with professional atheltes etc...a growing industry

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Why Study with us...

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  • You will be in a small class with up to 10 students only
  • This Level 4 courses includes Level 3 as they combine to make one great course.  Two for the price of one!
  • Two tutors for the practical part of the course to help guide, reassure you and give you attention
  • Contacts with prestigious sports clubs/management for event work
  • This is not a fast track course - we know that 9 months gives students the best possible chance to train, practice and gain confidence in this competitive and growing field and graduate with a true professional outlook and ability
  • Most of the class time with is practical – and although there are some formal theory sessions, many of the subjects and techniques are taught in combination during the practical sessions
  • Anatomy & Physiology course included in the price and the ITEC homestudy course is sent to you as soon as we receive your deposit.  Get started right away!

  • Also:  Lorraine Kirk & Peter Cummings, your tutors are successful working therapist who knows what it really takes to succeed in clinical practice
  • Lorraine is a former international athlete
  • She is happy for you to phone her for more information on the sports massage qualification: 07742 771832
  • They each have assistants for the practical sessions so that you get as much attention as possible
  • Student website support area with downloadable helpand guidance between classes
  • Immediate private Facebook contact within your class
  • Professional equipped practical and theory room with rest facilities
  • Free videos of the treatments to help you remember when you get home
  • Complete support during the course and when you graduate
  • FREE car parking!
  • Invitation to our free twice yearly school meetings - to encourage and motivate with professional speakers from the world of therapie
Students may join the Sports Massage Association and you get insured through them.

You cannot join this Association if you do a short course as your training will not be adequate  - you wouldn't want to join a course that just ticked the boxes would you?

Sign-up, Dates & Fees...

Payment Options 

  • Please pay the deposit of £400 by using the Buy Now button, the school bank account or credit card using the telephone

  • Click here for application form so that we can welcome you to the school and confirm your place
  • Please pay via the bank Bank details are here or telephone 01603 621600 if you prefer.
  • These details are also sent automatically when you fill in the application form!
  • No previous experience in massage or therapies required.

Your £400 deposit will confirm your place
Interest Free Instalment Plan - or Huge Discount for Full Payment!

Click Here for Application Form
All Courses include Anatomy & Physiology 

HUGE discount when course fees are paid before course starts!
Interest Free Instalments also Available.
Funding Information

When Courses start in March and September

Choose from the Tuesdays class or the Thursday class  
Time: 9.30 - 3.30 (twice a month for 9 months)

How Much
Anatomy Course)

£1950 including exam fees and anatomy course or £1,800 for early payment
free instalment plan available


Your deposit £400 includes the ITEC Anatomy & Physiology course
to enable you to make a start before September/March

This sum is deducted from the course fees and is non refundable


£400 deposit plus £1400 four weeks before course starts

Instalment plan: £400 deposit plus £194 for 8 months starting four weeks before course starts.
Funding Information

Tuesday class
March 2019

March - December
Tuesday Daytime Sports 9.30am -3.30pm  

March 5, 19, April 16,  April 30, May 14, 28
June 11, 25 July 9, 23  
September 3, 17, October 1, 15, 29 November 12  
Practical Exam December 1st 2019
Anatomy theory exam is taken last class in June 2019

Thursday class
March 2019

March - December
Thursday Daytime Sports 9.30 am- 3.30 pm 

March 7, 21, April 18, May 2, 16, 30
June 13, 27 July 11, 25, 
Sept 5, 19,  Oct 3, 17,  31, Nov 14,
Practical Exam December 1st 2019
Anatomy theory exam is taken last class in June 2019

March Pre course
for both classes
We have a pre course session for both classes on.

Thursday February TBC  at 6 - 8 

 Tuesday Class
September 2019
September - June 
Tuesday Daytime Sports 9.30 am- 3.30 pm 

Sept 25th, October 9th, 23, Nov 6th, 20, Dec 4
January 8th 15th, 29th, February 12th, 26, March 12, 26
April 9th, 23th, May 7th, 21, June 4th, 18th  
Practical Exam Saturday June 22nd 2019
Anatomy theory exam is taken Dec 4th 2019
 Thursday Class
September 2019 

September - June 
Thursday Daytime Sports 9.30 am- 3.30 pm

Sept 27th,  Oct 11th, 25th, Nov 8, 22, December 6th, 
January 10th, 17th, 31st, Feb 14th, 28, March 14, 28th
April 11th, 25th, May 9th, 23, June 6th, 20
Practical Exam Saturday June 22nd 2020
Anatomy theory exam is taken Dec 6th 2019
September Pre course
both classes
Students enrolled on the course are invited to the pre course meeting

September Thursday 6:30-7:30 TBC

HUGE discount when course fees are paid 4 weeks  before course starts!

Pay your £400 deposit to hold your place and then the balance/first instalment 4 weeks before course starts

Interest free instalments also available.
Funding Information

Extra Costs:


Anatomy & Physiology book by Louise Tucker £18
Massage book by Louise Tucker  £14 - the second hand version of this book is fine and costs pennies
Hands on Sports Therapy by Keith Ward
Trail Guide to the Body Hands on Guide
Student Workbook by Andrew Biel

Towels: Jackie will advise on the supplier etc and they will cost you about £50

Couch: We have couches at the school, but you will need one for home practice. We will give you advice on this - the cost is anything from £80

Uniform: School polo top is £10, Students supply their own black trousers (e.g. jogging type bottoms/yoga pants for ladies) and black trainers.

Student InsuranceStudents may join Sports Massage Association and then get insured through them.  
Students may also join the Complementary Therapists Association

First Aid Certificate: A first aid certificate must be obtained from a recognised body right at the beginning of the course for Insurance purposes.  The school hosts regular classes and will inform you of the dates once you are on the course.

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Further and More Specific Information

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  • Methods of consultation and professionalism – Assessment of injury for referral or treatment, postural analysis, check range of movements, signs and symptoms of injury, contra indications
  • Pressures and depth and speed of massage for pre and post event treatment.
  • Corrective (known as remedial) techniques – MET, STR, NMT, Deep Friction, and Lymphatic drainage, Connective Tissue Massage.
  • Specific homecare advice  


  • Understand the changes that exercise has on the muscular and cellular system
  • Deeper understanding of the muscular system along with origins and insertions
  • Understand and explain the effects of stress on muscles during sport – physical and psychological
  • Joints and their supporting network (which is where most of the problems occur for lack of movement)
  • Understand and explain the possible causes and effects of the common diseases and disorders that effect the general public as well as specific sports
  • Principles of training and rehabilitation (giving clients exercises for stretches and to help strengthen their body)– how to get your clients back to fitness as well as prevention of injury
  • The stages of injury and treatment required
  • Application of cryo and thermotherapy (hot and cold techniques)
  • Basic Diet and Nutrition
  • Introduction to Sports Psychology to enhance the athlete - pre and post event
  • You will study the theory of treatments as well as additional anatomy, in particular focusing on the muscles and their actions

  • ITEC Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy Information
  • ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy Information
We simply have to put the two together. The level 3 will not give you the sports therapy qualification to enable you to assess and treat injuries which is what most people train in sports massage to do.  

The level 3 used to treat injuries, but now this has been divided, and the content expanded.  Combined it is a great course - and makes for a super confident and competent sports massage therapist!

 Level 4 deals with assessment and treatment of injury - it is a huge subject and the level 3 part of the course is covered comparitively quickly so that you can go on to improve in your skills of assessment and actual treatment - just what you wanted!

Assessment Methods

  • 4 Projects, Treatment evidence of sports massage treatments and event work
  • 25 multiple choice question exam on Anatomy & Physiology
  • Practical Exam with ITEC taken at the school as a class.

What our Students say about this Course

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'Thank you very much for getting those results to us as soon as you got them. I really do appreciate it.'

I now am looking forward to getting my Certificate and getting out there and starting my practice. Thank you very much for the wonderful School that you run, for all the help you give your students, and for the approachability that you and Lorraine have. I loved every minute of my time with you. All the very best. Brett Cooper

sharyn oldman sports testimonial

" I particularly like the practical aspect and relevance to industry" Carol Cawston

"I like the professional knowledge of the tutor – two tutors looking after us in the practical so they can correct and help you." Szilvia Sikesdi

"The sports massage course is fantastic. I really enjoy it. Lorraine is a terrific teacher"

"The class has a relaxed feel about it, which instantly puts you at ease and makes it enjoyable to learn" Martel Crisp

"I particularly like the practical where we can practice what we have learned earlier in the day and have Lorraine's input on our technique " Stacey Oakes

"Friendly tutors, very supportive and also a laid back but focused learning environment" Steven Rule

"Particularly liked the practical aspect in class and encouragement to work with real athlettes outside the class. Also knowledge and techiques for after the exam" Chantal Kibbey

"Lots of practical. Lots of encouragement. Enjoyable group. Learned so much" Nicola Fund


Students can join the Sports Massage Association and then get insured through them. Students may also join the Complementary Therapists Association You cannot join these associations if you do a short course as your training will not be adequate.

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