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Where can I train as a complementary therapist in Norwich?

We offer courses in Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Sports Massage Therapy & Aromatherapy in Norwich

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You can train to be a fully qualified therapist with Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies. 

Our school is one of the few schools in the area with its own premises and dedicated classroom spaces for learning top quality complementary therapies. We have students studying with us from all over the United Kingdom, including international students. 

We still have places for the September classes so it’s not too late to start or enrol for our March intake. 

Visit our fantastic premises and join us on Wednesday 5th September 2018, for our next Open Evening. It is not necessary to make an appointment,

Our open evening runs from 6:30pm – 7:30, where you will be able to meet the course Tutors & Education team, and view our theory room, practical room & tea room at the school. On occasion, there are also demonstrations taking place.

Our experts will be on hand to answer any specific queries you have regarding our courses, your career prospects, and to provide expert guidance on how to enter into the industry. Each qualification will enable you to practise to the highest standard within the industry in ITEC Holistic Massage,  ITEC Reflexology, ITEC level 3 & 4 Sports Massage Therapy and IFA Aromatherapy

We also offer a very highly regarded ITEC Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology distance learning programme. You can pay online and start today. 

If you have any further queries, call the Jackie Hamilton School Office on 01603 951538. If you are unable to make any of our open days, then we can arrange a 1-2-1 appointment for you to come and visit the school, please call 01603 951538 or email jackie@jackiehamilton.co.uk



Exam Nerves - How to Cope!

Sleep, Eat Breath

Exam Nerves 2








Hopefully with all the classroom preparations and the hard work that you have all put into working on your course you are all ready and feeling confident about your forthcoming exams. 

But the nature of exams is that they create stress and can leaving you feeling anxious and nervous. So we have put together a list of helpful hints to help you feel at your very best for the exam. 

Don’t Forget to Eat!


Sounds silly I know but anxiety and frazzled nerves partly stem from poor diet. Exam success depends upon keen and focused powers of concentration and memory. Being overly nervous will block the natural ability of the mind to perform. It’s all too common for students to neglect their diet . Since diet can strongly influence the way one handles the stresses of prepping and taking exams, it makes good sense to get good nutrition through a healthy diet. 

Some key dietary factors related to anxiety and nerves are:

  • Have well-balanced diet
  •  (If you can) avoid excessive alcohol and caffeine before an exam
  • Drink enough water
  • Magnesium rich foods such as
    • Spinach
    • Swiss Chard
  • Zinc bearing foods
    • oysters
    • Cashews
    • Liver
    • Beef
    • Egg yolks
  • Omega-3
    • Salmon
  • Foods with Probiotics
    • Pickles
    • Sauerkraut
    • Kefir
  • Vitamin B
    • Avocado
    • Almonds
  • Eat foods rich in antioxidants
    • Beans: red, pinto, red kidney
    • Fruits: apples, prunes, sweet cherries, plums, black plums
    • Berries: blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, blueberries
    • Nuts: walnuts, pecans
    • Vegetables: artichokes, kale, spinach, beets, broccoli
    • Spices: turmeric and ginger

Make Time to Revise

Study revise

Make sure you give yourself time to sit and look over your folders and the work you have done during the course so that you can feel rest assured that all the hard work you have done will back you up on the day of the exam.

  • Be honest and realistic with yourself about expectations
  • Do a prqcyse Massage/Sports/Reflexology Treatment 
  • Get your partner or friend to ask you some questions, even if it's simply ‘Can you tell me what you’re working on or doing? 

Practice Mindfulness 


Whether you do some stretches (reach for the sky) or you sit and do some colouring. Closing the mind off from your worries and anxieties can really help calm the mind and make that waiting period less stressful. If you find it hard to switch off apps such as HeadSpace and Calm are really good apps to help with this. 

  • Do some stretches – simple yoga stretches are really good
  • Sit in the garden and listen to the birds & enjoy your surroundings
  • Sit and meditate 
  • Colour in a Mandala 

Get Enough Sleep

alarm alarm clock analog 280254

If your anything like me the night before something really important that requires concentration and energy will result in a night of  complete sleeplessness, tossing and turning. But we all know that a good night’s sleep is essential for healthy body & mind functions. As a  lack of sleep can lead to negative feelings such as depression, memory problems, diminished critical thinking skills as well as anxiety and nervousness

  • I swear by Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This One Works
  • A relaxing bath or shower before bed
  • Reading a book at bedtime
  • Using an App such as Calm
  • A good 7-8 hrs sleep a night. 
  • And remember no gadgets an hour before bedtime. 

Take a bath with Epsom Salts

Epson Salts Bath

A warm bath can make you feel so much better but when Epsom salt are added to the mix, emotions can be calmed and anxiety melts away. For pre-exam anxiety, an Epsom salt bath might just be the remedy. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulphate, which helps boost feelings of calm and relaxation. Magnesium, then, is able to be absorbed through the skin. The Sulphate in the salt can help with pain and inflammation. Epsom salt baths have been shown to lessen stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and relieve minor aches and pains. 

Practice Deep Breathing 


Take a deep breath! How often do we forget to ‘breath’ or our breathing becomes laboured when we get stressed. It’s such an easy technique but one that’s easy to forget. Exams can be a stressful situation so it is important to be aware of breathing and do some deep, slow breathing to help manage your nerves.


 women stretching ropes

What’s your exercise passion? I love a bit of Yoga and even doing a simple Sun Salutation for 10 minutes sets me ready for the day, it clears the mind and gets the endorphins rushing around the body - those feel good hormones! It’s a positive action that helps to create a positive mind and studies have shown exercise helps to reduce stress and anxiety and boosts confidence. 

If you don’t have a regular class or exercise you do try You Tube for some great tutorials for whilst at home or Down Dog is a great App for Yoga. Or just go for a walk but don’t take your phone! 

This information was taken and adapted from the Online School Centre Which I think has given some really lovely ideas for dealing with exam stress.

I hope it helps you & good luck 

Jackie & Danielle 


Nothing to be ashamed about

Girls - it's what we do.....

This started with me seeing the video on Facebook about all the waste plastic that comes from menstrual products. I shared it and my daughter Danielle who also shared it and said how she remembered that they gave them cute little plastic boxes with tampax in when she was at school and it was purely of course for marketing purposes. It got me thinking, if only the menstural cups could be marketed to them instead. 

Find out what I did.. read more 


Big Pharma Big Food

Please listen and make up your own mind

Super session in the 2-hour European Parliament meeting on Thursday 12th April  - so many issues raised by Dr. Aseem Malhotra, MEP Nathan Gill, Sir Richard Thomson, Professor Hanno Pijl and Sarah Macklin. 

Great work by Dr Asseem Malhotra, nutritionist Sarah Macklin and Sir Richard Thompson (the Queen's former doctor) at the European Parliament yesterday.

Highlighting the flaws in the Eat Well Plate and how the NHS's high carb/low fat dietary guidelines need to change to stop the obesity crisis

Now edited with HD footage and clear sound 


Fitness - I want to get fit, and I want it now!

Yes, I know I was a fitness instructor, but time passes.....and here we are now....

We all know fitness should be part of our lives - but more and more I am hearing that just 20 minutes a day walking (at a pace if possible) would be good for mind and body - it's just getting out there isn't it?

My sister J (I have 3 sisters) does a 20 minute walk as a break at work every day - it's done her the power of good and she has lost a stone since January.

I used to be a fitness instructor and LOVE Zumba and other physical classes, but just don't get round to it like I used to - busy busy - and yes we can all make excuses - I know because I make them!

See my crazy video next!

Written by: Jackie Hamilton

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