Visit our Norwich School of Therapies

The Jackie Hamilton School of Therapies welcomes all guests at our open events. We offer some during normal day-time hours and others in the evenings to help you manage your visit.

Our next open evening:

The next open day will be Saturday 19th January from 10 until 12.  but in the meantime, just write to me at and come and see me sooner!  or we can have a Zoom meeting -  

Come and visit our School and all the fantastic courses we run.

Get the feel of our lovely premisies and familiarise yourself with our school. 

Demonstrations taking place; Speak to past students and tutors; friendly, inviting & inclusive atmosophere. 

Classes starting in March 2019 in Massage, Sports Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Come along and find out more. 

In the meantime, if you would like to come along to the school then that's fine!  Just email and fix up a time and date with Jackie and let her know your availability i.e. evenings only, available daytime, that sort of thing.

Have a preview below!  Also please see our Frequently asked Questions Page  and also Find out about us on this page!


We look forward to meeting you or call Jackie for a private meeting to discuss course options: 01603 951538 

Can't get to an Open Day?

The 'Open' days and evenings are a great way to explore your options. We have genuine and much relied upon policy to help you choose your learning path so please remember you are always welcome to call to arrange a meeting.

See an example of students learning in our well equipped practical room - they are learning Reflexology with Kerrie (who you can see on the video) and Jackie (who is taking the video)

lorraine with student One of our sports students with Lorraine Kirk (Sports Tutor) and Mel Elliott (her assistant). 

We have assistants on all practical courses when there are over 8 in the class to ensure you get the the attention to need.