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Words from Distance Learning Students

Thanks for the email, I seem to be doing fine with the anatomy. Our new course is getting good feedback - not so scary after all!

Thanks for the email, I seem to be doing fine with the anatomy, I am following your guidance and it seems to be working!! so a big thank you, I am now starting skin chapter, I will contact you as soon as things aren't sinking in or I feel swamped under, but so far its fine, thanks. Rebecca
Hi Jackie - thanks so much for your reply and the study timetable. In fact, I have just got to grips with the calender on my ipad which is similar to the timetable - and is really useful for being able to see large blocks of time and organizing time for my A&P. I've planned out what I have to do before the holidays get here - it's probably quite good practice before I begin the reflexology course to start organizing my time better Cat
Have just completed the test you sent on 1st 3 systems. I got 9/12. So some is going in at least! Melissa

Thanks for the test questions and info, very useful stuff for me. Ive just started skeletal system today actually. It's all going well so far. Melissa

Thanks so much for your emails it’s great to get so much encouragement. As it is for everyone life is hectic but I am really determined to get this virtually completed before the reflexology course starts. I am just about to start the cardiovascular system, the muscular system was hard in that there were so much to try and remember but all I can do is to keep revising it. I have the colouring book which is great and the games are so helpful especially if you need to relax it a bit, but all in all its a great course and made as easy as possible for us to understand (thankfully!) Karen


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Lorraine's Calming Therapies

Having worked in a stressful environment as a design consultant for 13 years, I never imagined how enrolling on one of Jackie Hamiltons courses would change my life. I initially joined the Reflexology course, as a couple of close friends were joining and I didn't want to miss out! By the end of the first month of training, I was hooked.

Jackies unique way of teaching made it easy for me to learn everything I needed to know, to be a fully qualified reflexologist. By the end of my course, I had already made the decision to leave my present career, for a complete change of pace. I enrolled for another two courses and leapt into the unknown world of self employment.

I now work as a successful complementary therapist, and love every minute of it. I no longer have the stresses or restrictions that a design consultant has, I pick and choose my hours and spend my time helping grateful people to improve their wellbeing. Who could ask for more.....

Lorraine Tosh
Complementary Therapist

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The Big Skill - Karen learns Indian head massage, by Karen Buchanan

BBC Radio Norfolk Morning Show co-presenter Karen Buchanan finds there's more to the art of massage than simply having the right touch.

There are few areas in life in which I could be said to have the gentle touch. I am frequently a soft touch, but for years I remained blissfully unaware that subtlety had a 'b' in the middle.

So my choosing to learn Indian Head Massage as my Big Skill came as a shock to some of my mates. "You? Learning head massage? You'll be the Queen Of Hearts of the massage world - off with their heads!" they laughed.

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